About Us

DIMITRIA - Mother Earth Products is an Italian recently established owned by B&V Agrifood Italia srl, based in Matera in Basilicata region, dedicated to the production, promotion and distribution of high quality products with Certification mainly organic.

The brand name “Dimitria” has been inspired by Demetra the Goddess of wheat and agriculture in the Greek mythology, constant feeder of youth and green land, responsible for the season cycles, Protector of the harvest and the products of the land. It’s therefore not random that Dimitria- Mother Earth Products- represent strictly represent strictly Italian food products created according to the tradition of the territory, with quality raw materials, cultivated and certified following the method of organic farming by selected producers by Puglia and Basilicata, regions that in the past have strongly suffered the influence of Ancient Greece.

Dimitria it’s a brand that is oriented towards Italian and foreign markets and towards a refined and attentive customer who, in addition to appreciating the quality of the food products offered, can be passionate about the history of its creation, the laborious work done by its creators to select the best raw organic materials and to check the production processes take place in full compliance with the best local traditions in order to guarantee a good product, healthy and natural to call ourselves the son of our Mother Earth.
This is the courageous ambition of Beniamino and Vincenzo, two Agronomic Doctors who own B&V Agrifood Italia srl, born from many years of experience in the world of Organic Agriculture in the agri-food sector, always putting themselves on stake: since 1998 as inspectors at recognized control bodies, then in 2011 as consultants at some of the important food companies of Made in Italy and finally since 2020 as entrepreneurs in the artisan production of organic foods of Italian tradition as pasta, extra virgin olive oil and legumes, with the hope that the basket of products offered under the DIMITRIA brand, can over time grow and meet the consent of the Italian, European and Extra-European consumer as at the end of the day Mother Earth products are everyone’s.